Fake fraud to save GST, told price of cigarette worth 13.68 lakh 47 thousand

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In order to save the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the price of cigarette of Rs 13 lakh 68 thousand was stated as Rs 47 thousand. The case was revealed on Wednesday when the Central GST guerrilla squad caught a consignment of cigarettes from the parcel office of Ranchi railway station. On secret information, Deputy Commissioner of Central GST Nidhi Gupta and his team caught it and seized it.

Now the whole team is taking further action. The owner of the cigarette consignment and its entire network is being investigated. It has been revealed in the investigation so far that the said parcel of cigarettes was booked from Kota, Rajasthan for Ranchi. The price of the item within the pack was stated to be 47 thousand rupees.

When the CGST team investigated it, it was found that the entire material is worth 13 lakh 68 thousand rupees. This stuff was run for Ranchi without a valid GST bill and e-way bill. CGST Principal Commissioner SK Singh has told that his department is alert. The department is keeping an eye on where the country’s economy is being harmed. This seizure has been made in this sequence. 

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