Facts w.r.t filing of annual return (GSTR-9) for 2017-18

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Facts related to filing of Annual Return (GSTR-9) for the year 2017-18

No. of Taxpayers eligible to file GSTR-9

92.58 lakhs

Out of 92.58 lakhs, those who are not mandated to file GSTR-9

80.16 lakhs

Remaining taxpayers, who are mandated to file GSTR-9

12.42 lakhs

Important to note:

  1. Those regular taxpayers who have aggregate turnover more than Rs. 2 crore are mandated to file GSTR 9. For the rest, filing of GSTR-9 is optional.
  2. For filing of GSTR-9, filing of all due GSTR-1 and GSTR-38 is compulsory.
  3. Those who have not filed GSTR-9, will not be able to file GSTR-9C.

Source: https://twitter.com/askGSTech/status/1227973739700076545