DGFT Synced HS codes in ITC (HS) 2017- Schedule I – Import Policy with the Finance Act, 2020

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DGFT vide Notification No. 48/ 2015-2020 dated December 22, 2020 notified certain Exim codes under Chapter 84 and 85 of ITC (HS), 2017 Schedule 1 – Import Policy, which have been inserted/substituted vide the Finance Act, 2020 (No. 12 of 2020), dated March 27, 2020 as below:

Exim Code

Item Description Policy Policy Condition
8414 51 50 Wall Fans Free

8529 90 30

Open Cell for television set Free
8541 40 11 Solar cells, not assembled Free

8541 40 12

Solar cells, assembled in modules or made up into panels


Further, the item description “Solar cells, not assembled” substituted the existing item description i.e., “Photocells: – Solar cells whether or not assembled in modules or panels” in ITC (HS) 2017.

Effect of this Notification: Chapter 84 and 85 of ITC (HS) 2017- Schedule-I Import Policy is amended to incorporate changes as made in the Finance Act, 2020 dated March 27, 2020.

The Notification can be accessed at: https://content.dgft.gov.in/Website/dgftprod/29df1387-180d-4cf9-abd2-b15e2ecce9f3/Notification%2048%20english.pdf

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