DGFT: Submission of application seeking authorization for import / export of restricted items through e-mail

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DGFT vide TRADE NOTICE NO. 18/2018-19 – Dated June 20, 2018 has been decided that w.e.f. 21.06.2018 applicants seeking import/export license from DGFT for “restricted” items, having paid the applicable fees, will submit online application to the concerned jurisdictional authority and subsequently send their application through email to either import-dgft@nic.in  (for import licenses) or export-dgft@nic.in (for export licenses) as the case may be, along with proof of the application fee paid; besides attaching the necessary documents for processing the case.

Aayat Niryat forms are available on the DGFT’s website www.dgft.gov.in. In case the applicant firm has received the NOC from the concerned administrative Ministry, the same should invariably be attached with the application.

Read More at: http://dgft.gov.in/Exim/2000/TN/TN18/Trade%20Notice%2018.pdf