DGFT issued Trade Notice for submission of data to RoDTEP Committee

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The DGFT issued Trade Notice No. 32/2020-2021 dated October 28, 2020 for submission of data to Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) Committee.

Members of trade are already aware that a new Scheme, Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) has been approved for introduction by the Government. In this regard, attention is invited to a RoDTEP Committee formed under the chair of Shri G.K. Pillai in the Drawback Division, CBIC, Department of Revenue, which has been tasked by the Government to determine the rates of refund for items covered under the Scheme. The Committee has started collection of data and is having stakeholder consultations to fulfill its mandate. The relevant circulars/ data formats published in this regard may be seen at URL https://www.cbic.gov.in/htdocs-cbec/home_links/RoDTEP-Committee

In this regard, members of Trade, EPCs and Industry Associations which are involved in export of items falling under Chapter 86, 88 and 89 are requested to urgently submit data for their respective export items in the required format (as is available at the above URL) so that the RoDTEP Committee is able to work out suitable rates for export items. The industry may kindly note that in absence of such data , rates for items in the chapter 86, 88 and 89 under RoDTEP may not be notified.

Data in the requisite format has to be sent to atreyee.devroy@gov.in & shakti.singh1981@gov.in. For any clarification required in the matter, Shri Copal Krishna Jha, Director, Drawback Division, CBIC, Department of Revenue, may be contacted at 011-23360581.

The Trade Notice can be accessed at: https://content.dgft.gov.in/Website/dgftprod/b07c1035-3759-4bbe-85e6-9fc61751371b/TN-32%20dt-28-10-2020.pdf