DGFT issued revised Procedure and Criteria for submission and approval of applications for Export of PPE Medical Coveralls

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DGFT vide Trade Notice No. 18/2020 – dated July 20, 2020, issued revised guideline and procedure for submission for approval of applications for Export of PPE Medical Coverall during COVID-19. Further, the reference is invited to the DGFT Notification No. 16 dated 29.06.2020 restricting the export of PPE medical coveralls for COVID-19 and fixing the export quota of 50 Lakh PPE Coverall Units per month. The detailed procedure and criteria for submission of applications for the export of PPE medical coveralls were outlined in the Trade Notice No. 17 dated 29.06.2020.

All the applications received from 1st to 3rd July, 2020 were examined and none of the applications fulfilled the criteria specified in the Trade Notice No. 17 dated 29.06.2020. All the applications, therefore, have been found ineligible for the allocation of export quota. The application procedure and criteria for export of PPE Medical Coveralls for COVID-19 has been revised and exporters are invited to file fresh online applications for export of PPE medical Coveralls for COVID-19 as outlined below:

I. Export of only 50 Lakh units of ‘PPE medical coveralls for Covid-19’ will be allowed every month.

Il. Exporters may apply online through DGFT’s ECOM system for Export authorizations (Non-SCOMET Restricted items) – Please refer Trade Notice No. 50 dated 18.03.2019. There is no need to send any hard copy of the application via mail or post.

Ill. For the month of July, 2020, online applications for export of “PPE medical coveralls for Covid-19” as per revised criteria filed from 22nd to 24th July will be considered.

IV. For August onwards, applications for export of “PPE medical coveralls for Covid19 ” filed from 1st to 3rd day of each month will be considered for the quota of that month.

V. All the applications will be examined as per the Para 2.72 of Handbook of Procedures.

VI. The validity of the export license will be for 3 months only.

Vll. The following eligibility criteria will be applicable for issuance of Export licenses:

a) Copy of Purchase order/invoice to be submitted by the firm.

b) The firm shall submit a Chartered Engineer’s certificate certifying that the fabrics used in the PPE medical coverall were manufactured in India.

c) Only one application per IEC will be considered during the month.

d) A Copy of IEC of the firm.

e) One of the following documents to be submitted:

  • Copy of BIS Certificate for IS 17423: 2020 for coveralls for COVID-19 OR
  • Copy of Certificate for ISO 16603 Exposure level 3/16604 Exposure level 2 for Coveralls obtained from a NABCB accredited body/notified body of the importing country.

f) All the documents must be duly self-attested by the authorized person of the firm.

VIII. All the relevant documents as specified above must be submitted along with the application to verify the eligibility criteria. Incomplete applications will not be considered for any allocation. Any application received through email or submitted outside the timeline specified will not be considered.

The Trade Notice can be accessed at: https://dgft.gov.in/CP/Upload?flag=iframeAttachView&locId=1&mpgId=MjIzNzIy