Corporate tax will be reduced if GST recovery increases

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FICCI President Sandeep Somani says that the Finance Minister has given assurance of reducing corporate tax. He has said that corporate tax will be reduced if GST recovery increases . Let us know that there is a tax on corporate tax companies which looks at all types of private, limited, listed, unlisted companies. Looks at the income of corporate tax companies. Corporate tax is up to 30 percent. Cesses and surcharges can be set separately on corporate taxes. 

The government had said that their intention was to reduce corporate tax by 5 percent. About 1/3 of the companies earn money. Talk about the impact of corporate tax on the common man. When you buy a company’s stock or invest in an equity MF, your earnings are from the dividend given by the company or the increase in stock prices. Companies give dividends only when they have the advantage after paying the right expenses, including tax.

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