CBIC issued Press Release to rolls out the facility of filing of NIL GST Return through SMS

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The CBIC has issued a Press Release vide June 08, 2020, to roll out the facility of filing of NIL GST Return through SMS facility. Further, to facilitate the taxpayers the government has allowed the filing of NIL GST monthly return in FORM GSTR-3B through SMS. This would substantially improve ease of GST compliance for over 22 lakh registered taxpayers who had to otherwise log into their account on the common portal and then file their returns every month. Now, these taxpayers with NIL liability need not log on to the GST Portal and may file their NIL returns through an SMS.

Further, the functionality of filing Nil FORM GSTR- 3B through SMS has been made available on the GSTN portal with immediate effect. The status of the returns so filed can be tracked on the GST Portal by logging in to GSTIN account and navigating to Services>Returns>Track Return Status.

The procedure to file Nil returns by SMS is as follows: –

Step SMS to 14409

Receive from VD-GSTIND

Initiate Nil Filing

NIL<space>3B<space>GSTIN<space>Tax period


123456 is the CODE for Nil filing of GSTR3B for09XXXXXXXXXXXZC for period 052020. Code validity 30 min.

Confirming Nil Filing

CNF <space>3B<space>Code

Ex. CNF 3B 123456

Your, 09XXXXXXXXXXXZC, GSTR3B for 052020 is filed successfully and acknowledged vide ARN is AA070219000384. Please use this ARN to track the status of your return.

For Help, anytime


Ex. Help 3B

To file NIL return of GSTIN for Mar 2020: NIL 3B 07CQZCD1111I4Z7 032020 To confirm Nil filing: CNF 3B CODE More details www.gst.gov.in

The Press Release can be accessed at: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1630258