CBIC has launched a communication tool “CBIC-Sanchar” for fast and easy communication with the department on the DDM portal

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CBIC has successfully launched a CBIC–DDM portal (www.cbecddm.gov.in) by the name of “CBIC-Sanchar”, a digital communication tool for fast and easy communication with the department on the DDM portal on June 11, 2019. Users are requested to use it actively and give feedback.

CBIC-Sanchar has four independent sets of applications under the categories (i) Analytical Reports of Directorates, (ii) Key Performance Indicators (iii) General Communication and (iv) Prosecution Management, monitoring status of tax disputes, Monitoring refunds(PMM, TDOTS, WRR, etc.). Each set contains specific modules developed on the lines of the already launched module in respect of DGARM. Access to these modules is password protected through One Time Passwords (OTPs) to be received by the users on their registered mobile phone numbers.

CBIC-Sanchar is a paper-free communication tool. It is easy to access and use at both the sender and recipient ends. It allows the user to seek reports based on structured or free-flowing data fields supported, if required, by text, pdf and excel documents. Also, Masterdesks provide necessary information for effective monitoring of the communications/reports sent, the responses received and the responses pending. There is also scope for issuing reminders and consolidating the reports received.

In January 2019, the Directorate of Data Management (DDM) successfully launched an IT application on its CBIC–DDM portal for receiving online feedback regarding action taken and the resulting recoveries of tax on the basis of analytical reports prepared by DGARM. The reports received are being regularly viewed, monitored and collated by the officers of DGARM and thereafter the outcomes of the efforts are informed to the Board. The auto transmission of analytical reports and real-time receipt of the feedback contributed to the revenue augmentation drive of the CBIC and was widely appreciated.

The DDM has expanded the scope of its application to provide the entire CBIC a digital platform for quick, easy and effective communication in a structured form. This communication platform, aptly named “CBIC-Sanchar”, facilitates electronic communication between the Board and all its formations and also amongst the formations right up to the Division level.

The complete “CBIC-Sanchar” user manual can be accessed at: http://www.a2ztaxcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/cbic-sanchar-manual.pdf