CBIC has issued an advisory to Review the online process and the functionality of Refund

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The CBIC has issued an advisory to Review the online functionality and the process of Refund. The advisory explains various processes and functionality for backend handling of refund claims by CBIC officers in the Refund module in the system. It is suggested that the proper officer in your zone may be sensitized to go through the advisory and appropriately handle the refund applications being filed online w.e.f. 26.09.2019.

The present status of refund claims Zone wise filed online in RFD-01 as, on October 11, 2019, is enclosed. It is expected that either Acknowledgement or Deficiency Memos is issued within 15 days of the filing of the refund claim. Out of the 5383 refund claims filed so far, it is noticed that 706 number of Acknowledgements RFD-02 and 304 number of Deficiency Memos RFD-03 have been issued. It is also noticed that only two RFD-05 Payment Order has been issued. Hence, it is requested that the Zonal Pr. Chief Commissioners/Chief Commissioners may review the disposal and pendency of refund claims on a regular basis.

The advisory can be accessed at: http://www.a2ztaxcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/do-ltr-111019-review-online-rfnd-mdle-aces-gst.pdf