CBIC has enabled new facilities w.r.t filing of various GST Return on GST Portal

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CBIC has enabled new facilities to fix the defects with respect to various return filing process for the Taxpayer. Following are the key facilities:

  1. A taxpayer who has not filed their Form GSTR 1 for the month of March 2019 can now amend invoices of July 2017 also, a drop-down will appear for making amendments in the invoices of the July 2017 month.
  2. A numeric character only in Shipping bill field: Shipping bill field in Form GSTR 1 will now accept only numeric character (in the cases of copy & paste to populate the field).
  3. In Form GSTR 10: User can now delete invoices online, in Form GSTR 10 starting with the serial number ‘0’ (zero).
  4. In Form GSTR 9: Now a message is also shown to the taxpayers that Form GSTR-2A has been compiled on the basis of Form GSTR1 filed up to dd/mm/yy and next update will happen on dd/mm/yy. Now updations of Form GSTR-2A is being done on a weekly basis.

Source:  GST weekly update dated June 8, 2019, issued by CBIC- Refer slide No. 13