CBIC, Anti Smuggling Unit: Waives the Demurrage Charges levied by ICDs/CFSs/Ports/Terminal Operators during Iockdown

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The CBIC, Anti Smuggling Unit vide F.No. 394/46/2020 – Cus(AS) which waive the Demurrage Charges levied by ICDs/CFSs/Ports/Terminal Operators during Lockdown. On account of lockdown measures, the logistics chain of businesses has been most adversely impacted. The chain includes the activities of all stakeholders (Importers, Exporters. Customs Brokers. Transporters. Labour, etc.) dealing with the clearance of cargo from Customs facilities viz., Ports. ICDs and CFSs. As a result, importers are not able to clear the import of consignments in many pans of the country for reasons that are beyond their control. In the circumstance. numerous importers and trade associations have requested the waiver of penal charges which are collected by the custodians on the imported goods lying at various ports, ICDs. CFSs beyond the normal free period.

2. In this context. it is seen that the Director-General of Shipping, M/o Shipping vide Order No.7/2020 dated 29.03.2020 and vide Order No. 8/2020 dated 31.03.2020 has advised the Indian seaports, carriers. shipping lines not to impose any container detention charges on import and export shipments for the lockdown period on cargo owners/consignees of non-containerized cargo (i.e. both breakbulk and liquid cargo) whether LCL, or not for the lockdown period due to delay in evacuation of cargo caused by reasons attributable to lockdown measures. Ministry of Shipping has again in its order vide No. PD-14033/4/2020-PD VII dated 21st April. 2020 (copy enclosed), directed inter alia that no penal charges demurrages, detention charges, dwell time charges, etc shall be levied and ports shall ensure strict implementation by port users including 1C Ds. CFSs, Shipping Lines, etc.

3. Accordingly, the aforementioned orders issued by the Ministry of Shipping and Director General of Shipping are brought to your attention for strict compliance by all the ICDs/CFSs of your zone.

The Complete Circular can be accessed at: http://www.a2ztaxcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/WhatsApp-Image-2020-04-24-at-12.20.34.jpeg