75% of property tax collected in Madurai

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Madurai Corporation which had set a target of collecting 85% of property tax owed to it by April, had managed to collect 75% by mid-March before the lockdown kicked in. “We would have achieved at least 80% collection had we got a couple of weeks more. Due to lockdown and hardships faced by people as a result, we did not press people to cough up tax, which has now been added to arrears as the 2020-21 financial year has started,” said an official.

Madurai Corporation’s revenue through various taxes and non-tax income was estimated to be around Rs 207 crore for the financial year 2019-20, of which property tax alone accounts of Rs 110 crore only Rs 97 crore out of it was collectible since the rest was under various litigations. Another official said the local body has now started operating only one collection centre in each of the four zones from Friday onwards to facilitate those who want to pay up the tax.

“We have not stressed people to pay tax so far, since residents would be under financial stress. However, residents can pay if they want to do so. Every penny is welcome for Madurai Corporation since the civic body is spending a lot of money towards Covid-19 prevention work,” he said.

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